The Friday Buzz: The Better Butter Edition

Welcome to The Friday Buzz, our roundup of all good things, good advice, good feelings. It’s the happy hour of blog posts! Up this week I dish about BUTTER. 

For the longest time, I thought margarine was butter. I grew up as a child in the 90s, which meant I was raised on margarine. It came in the little plastic tub, and I thought it was great! Fast-forward to my adult years: I was hanging out with some girlfriends who were all talking about the price of butter and how expensive it had become. I didn’t understand what they were talking about, because the butter I was buying was so cheap.

It turns out I was still buying margarine… in stick form. That’s right, because it was in stick form, I assumed I had made the switch! Nope. But you butter believe (haha) that from that day forward, I started buying real butter and haven’t looked back.

So I thought it’d be fun to focus on some butter-related products I’ve enjoyed lately, because my life motto now is butter is better!



Y’all know how to cook your rice! We asked for your preferred technique and so many of you chimed in. Here’s what some of you said about cooking rice:

“In the oven. 2 cups of rice 3 cups of water. Cover with foil. Cook 25 minutes.”

“We use the microwave! Add butter, salt, and lemon. My son (13) makes it all the time. He takes it to school for lunch.”

“An electric rice cooker…have had the same one for 30+ years.”

“1 cup of rice, 2 cups of water… Boil water add salt, put in rice, let it come to boil and lower to simmer. I double fold some paper towels and put between pot & cover. Let simmer 20 minutes then take off flame and put on side. Fluff before eating.”

“I actually prefer to make my white rice with chicken broth. Comes out amazing with that an onion. Best part? I make it in the microwave!! Super easy!”


The memories that come with food are so strong and tender. Rob left this sweet comment on our Texas Sheet Cake. We’re so glad he has the recipe again!

My Mama made this for years and I loved it. When my mama died someone took her cookbook where she had this written in the back cover. Now I have it again. It’s one of the best cakes and so easy to make. Thank you!

Cheers to the weekend, Simply Friends!

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Hurricane Cocktail

Looking for a tropical rum cocktail for Mardi Gras or just to sip on during the summer? Make a Hurricane! This boozy mix of dark and light rum, passion fruit puree, and citrus juice packs a powerful punch—it's a party drink for sure!

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Funding Friday: The 7th RiffTrax Live Campaign

These guys have been using Kickstarter, and a bunch of other online platforms, to support their live shows riffing on “campy B-movies.” I love the underground, indie creative community and these guys are a great example of that. I backed this project this morning.


Nick Grossman — Feb 17, 2020
Cryptographic Identity

Albert Wenger — Feb 11, 2020
Birthday Wish: Contributions to Climate Crisis Collective

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Cosy Spaces With An Essence Of Music In The Air

Each of these three cosy home interiors are characterised by the beloved belongings of some music loving homeowners. Whether it be a trusted turntable and extensive vinyl collection or a treasured guitar, these living spaces are music focussed with a chilled and creative vibe. Decor in all three homes is light, bright and airy, with a focus on natural materials and en vogue monochrome touches. There are plenty of old school features at play here too though, in the form of characterfully distressed furniture pieces and classical decorative elements–although home number three will appeal to those at home in the strictly crisp modern camp.

Visualizer: Nikita Revva  

Instead of a TV stand ruling the living room, a music stand is filled with vinyl records, a turntable and sound speakers.

A gallery wall fills the space above the music stand, made up of photographic art and a motivational poster that reminds us to “enjoy the little things”.

Books lay stacked between the Pioneer turntable and other music memorabilia. A small cactus planter brings a moment of green to the display.

The real book collection is stored in high stacks behind the sofa, where a white painted ladder reaches the highest shelves. The centre of the bespoke bookcase is left void as a display shelf, and becomes a spot to hang a decorative mirror.

A rustic coffee table is poised in front of a monochrome couch, plush with deep scatter cushions and a fringed throw in geometric print.

On top of the coffee table, a ceramic tray pulls together a crystal decanter and decorative vases.

Song birds perch in chorus in wall art, whilst other pieces lean casually on the floor. The floor is also a resting spot for a few more decorative vases and books, scattered around a wooden accent chair and side table with a Scandinavian vibe.

The indoor plant on the window sill is a Split Leaf Philodendron. A geometric planter brings it into the same decor realm as the room’s soft furnishings.

Many items in this home have a laid-back distressed finish that makes them look like heirlooms, or trendy thrift shop finds. These dining chairs however are perfectly matched with pristine white versions of the same model. Green ferns spring freshness into the neutral setting.

A crystal clear orb paperweight shines on top of Scandinavian interior design books.

Dark mosaic tiles richly complement the ruddy brown colouring of the distressed dining chairs.

The L-shaped kitchen wraps the small dining area.

White and wood cutting boards layer up to echo the white and wood theme of the room. Some unique coffee mugs teeter by a stainless steel herb planter that complements the kitchen’s stainless steel refrigerator.

Open kitchen shelving is stacked by the balcony doors to increase the sense of open space and natural light.

The balcony is a sweet space bedecked with string lights and quaint outdoor furniture.

A chess set rests in play.

Looks like they could use a fruit bowl or two for the overspilling pail of apples!

A white and grey bedroom sets a scene of relaxation.

Decorative african woven baskets set within framework create an earthy point of interest over the headboard. Mix and match pillows bring additional pattern to the bed.

A traditional wardrobe design gets the distressed paint effect too, giving it an interesting antique persona.

In the bathroom, an aged wooden vanity unit is underlined by a crisp modern base, and shone up with gold hardware.

Stainless steel and glass wall sconces carry a modern rustic feel. A round wall mirror between the bathroom vanity lights, and a toiletries stand are presented in rich wood tone to match the unit.

Designer: Vizline Studio   Visualizer: Vizline Studio  

The second musically minded home interior is an elegant space with a little less filler than the first.

The homeowners beloved guitar awaits full of potential, next to a chic sofa design raised on exposed legs. A square and round coffee table combo sits at the core of a diamond motif rug design.

A modern sputnik chandelier is suspended from a traditional ceiling rose, which echoes the classical elegance of the decorative double doors that grace the room. Geometric print curtains pull into the corners of the lounge by day, and draw closed across the entire wall of two windows by night.

The book collection in this home is pared down and arranged sparingly over a midcentury modern inspired freestanding unit.

Small touches of marble amp up the luxe factor.

Smooth chevron flooring floods throughout.

Visualizer: Nikolay Limanskiy  

The last home of beautiful music is a one room apartment in Saint-Petersburg.

Although the apartment is small, sleek monochrome furnishings build a spacious feel.

A pair of beautiful speakers balance out each end of a modern TV stand.

A home workspace squeezes into one corner of the compact lounge, composed of a neat black desk and a stylish tan barrel chair.

The kitchen diner lies just behind the lounge in an open plan arrangement.

Black bar stools contrast against a light wood kitchen island. A black linear suspension light complements the dark duo.

Timber countertops and backsplash match the wooden island. A magnetic strip holds chef’s knives in easy reach of the prep area.

Comfortable lounge chairs furnish a bright glazed balcony area, transforming it into a perfect reading spot.

Track lights blaze down the hallway.

Slender bedroom pendant lights are a smart decision for the narrow bedroom space.

Strong lines rule inside the bathroom design, shaping a linear modern bathroom vanity and a low profile rectangular basin.

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